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shopify marketplace integrations are the way to go

Shopify Marketplace Integrations are the way to go

If you’re looking for a way to connect your Shopify account to a variety of online marketplaces, you’re in the right place. There are numerous types of integrations available to assist you in getting the most out of your online store. These platforms will give you more exposure to the millions of shoppers who visit them every day if you list your products there. 

This is a must-have option for any business owner who wants to offer a variety of products and take advantage of high-trafficked platforms. Read Further to learn about the best Shopify marketplace integrations and choose the one that’s right for you.


Google Integration with Shopify

This integration allows you to access Google Shopping, one of the most popular advertising platforms available. Customers can search using images or even their voices, so this is a must-have for any store looking to expand their reach.

Amazon Integration with Shopify

You can link your website to Amazon's marketplace because in 2020, Amazon alone made $118.6 billion in online sales which gives it's position as the world's largest marketplace to be in.


Etsy Integration with Shopify

This integration connects your online store to Etsy, allowing you to sell unique items directly on the Etsy platform. This allows you to reach out to a whole new set of customers. Etsy especially is useful if your online store sells handmade or specialty items.


eBay's Integration with Shopify

eBay is one of the first online marketplaces, and it has been used to sell goods by a wide range of people. In 2020, eBay's annual net income was $5.6 billion. Selling your products on eBay as a business owner can be extremely beneficial.

Create Custom Integrations

If none of the existing integrations are suitable for your needs, we can always help you create your own. These are referred to as "App Connects," and they are more advanced than other types of integrations.

Featured Integrations to have

We are here to help you with any issues setting up your integration(s). Our Developers will provide proper instructions on how to use specific apps like Facebook’s “Pixel” tool or Google Analytics with any of your integrations.

Many Shopify merchants love this module. It’s a simple Shopify add-on that turns your eCommerce store into a fully functional marketplace or a hyperlocal marketplace. Furthermore, there are different plans for various merchants.

You can create the most high-graded online store with over 60 Multi-Vendor Marketplace feature apps. We also offer live chat support to assist our customers whenever they need it.

featured integrations to have